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Our Story
In 2019 Adam founded Wildman Firewood. He supplies restaurants in the Greater New Orleans area with cooking wood. Adam has worked with some of the best barbecue restaurants out there. This lead to supplying wood to barbecue competition teams. It is through those relationships forged we are happy to bring you Prime BBQ Club.
In the South we grow up with barbecue. Adam learned how to use a grill by ten years old. His family always hosted barbecues to bring the family together. That is our goal here at PBC for you. We wanted to take the guess work out of barbecue. So we asked world class pitmasters to give us their favorites rubs, sauces, and marinades. We may not be able to check your times and temps for you, but we can help you season anything.
Every box has the end user in mind. Wepurposefully select barbecue products that go well on anything. Whether you are smoking a fourteen hour brisket or throwing a few veggies on the grill we have a box for you. Every boxis tested across a range of food. That way you can feel confident whether you are cooking beef, pork, chicken, eggs, or veggies.
Each month a different award winning teamis featured. Every team has their own accolades. All arenationally recognized. We feature teams from all across the US. This allows you to try different regional influences each month.
Our goal is to expand both your pallet and your mind. Some of these products you may have never heard of. That's okay. We look for the best gems at every competition. We hope you enjoy your box. Call the family up and tell them to come over. Youjust became the best pitmaster on the block!