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Hotty Toddy BBQ Bundle

Hot Toddy BBQ Bundle

This bundle includes 2 award winning Rubs and 1 award winning Sauce.

Climax AP Rub - This special all-purpose blend was created from our competing on the SCA circuit. We were blending many different spices to achieve the flavor that was a complement to steak. We wanted a blend that would provide a steak that would not need steak sauce. This blend won 1st place at the 2020 Shed Steak Showdown in  2 separate steak competitions with over 100 teams in each competition.  It also was used as a base on the 6th place ribs at The Shed. Climax AP is a great base for ribs, pork butt/shoulder and chicken. When using Climax AP as a base, its best to layer on the flavor with our other products or just let it stand on its own. Climax AP has a hint of butter flavor that compliments just about anything.

Sweet Southern Shine BBQ Sauce -  is a combination of both tomato and vinegar sauces with a collection of other spices to create very unique flavor.

Holy Moley Rub - is a selected blend of spices that has an extra punch of flavor unlike other seasonings. Holy Moley was designed to compliment any protein, vegetable, or just about anything that needs an extra explosion of flavor. Well balanced with just a touch of "grilled" flavor, this offering from Hotty Totty will keep you coming back for more!